Friday, May 22, 2009

New and improved rolls?!

If there is one thing that is discouraging during this weight loss journey, it's the disproportionate distribution of the fat. While I notice a difference in my overall size, my thigh and belly rolls are still there and present. I asked a trainer what I do to tighten all the wiggle and jiggle around my midsection-he mentioned that it was going to be the last to go and no amount of spot training alone will shrink it. Eating habits and Cardio. What did he think I've been doing this past five months?

I know I'm being picky and vain but bathing suit season is on my heels and I need to not let my jelly roll around this summer while I am at the water park with my kids. I just thought weighing less would look different you know? It's like when I had my boys and weighed a lot less a week after delivery-however nothing fit but maternity clothes. Note to body: stop shrinking my girls and instead attack the bellyfat...please?!

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