Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Love this phrase

These days, through Pinterest and Facebook, I come across a lot of quotes.

One day as I was listening to talk radio, Dr. Laura said to a caller "don't let others' behaviors dictate your character". I was so struck by this powerful phrase that I quickly jotted it down.

Many times I've drilled this concept home to my kids especially to not blame or follow others when you know better.

However, I feel hypocritical because I've made compromising/unhealthy decisions fueled by others' behaviors. 

It might have been something small like what color I liked, what clothes to wear (even when I knew it looked terrible on me), or when someone takes their bad day out on me-I would try to fix it.

As I'm well into the age of forty, I find I don't run around trying to change other people's behaviors or what they think of me.  I know who I am.  I know my character.  I know I am still learning and evolving as a mom.

Recently, the boys have gone back to school and of course the questions/comments of what am I going to do with my time has come up.  I know folks are curious-envious even.  Old me would down play my importance and reach out to find work to find myself worthy of staying at home for  six hours without my kids.

What my goal is while my children are at school is to get what I need done so when they come home, I am theirs. Undivided attention.  Yesterday, we sprawled out on the couch reading out loud then going for a walk because I discovered a ripe plum tree (all picked by the time we got there). 

I am always re-evaluating my choices but I have come to learn that the best choice for me is the one that allows me to take care of my family and foster relationships. 

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