Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life has been happenin' y'all and I almost forgot I had a little blog. We've had just a busy summer and with taking kids to the pool everyday for swim practice, play dates with buddies to make the summer festive, and all those family vacations.

Let me tell you, growing up our summers were spent in a small, little apartment or later on a very, very small house and watching my sisters and brother.  When I was around twelve, I had to take a bus at 5:30am to work in the strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry fields.  I did this every summer until I turned sixteen and could get a job inside (thank you Lord!).

Now with my children, it's so different with me being home.  I've been able to let them be kids. Just let them play.  Being able to go from a barely able-to swimmer to taking on Lake Chelan with speed and confidence was worth every minute I spent taking them to swim practice. 

Their endurance and confidence has skyrocketed.  I am grateful for the difference in my childhood vs. my children because of my being able to stay home with them and for a terrific hubby who works hard in order to make it possible.

I still can't believe my kids have to go back to school next week.  Not being able to see my kids for six hours straight is stressing me out. 

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