Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have we talked about this before?

There's been a concept that has been on my mind the past few months.  In this day and time, if something isn't going right in your life...or you're just stuck (i.e. weight, keep getting into the same type of weird relationships, or just repeating mishaps)...

It seems there's got to be something behind why we do grow out of the problem even when we've identified and may even come to terms with it. 

For  me, it's my weight.  I am an emotional eater.  It's not hunger.  I'm using this example because it feels like I have spent the majority of this blog killing this subject to death.

Here's the biggie:  regardless of why, what, when I eat...THE RESULT WILL STILL HAVE TO BE THE SAME...portion control and to move my body.

I have been yo-yoing a lot this summer.  I've gained and lost the same four pounds and as I am barely breathing in my size 8's, I am frustrated with thoughts of why I put myself through this cycle over and over. 

Time to just get over myself and just do it. Portion control and exercise.
So simple, yet I stumble time and time again.

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