Monday, August 20, 2012

While driving dad to work this morning, I mentioned to the boys how lonely it will be at lunchtime because both the boys will be at school.

I asked if parents are allowed to come eat lunch with the students.

S.E. pipes up "Yes mom.  But I don't want you to come sit with me. I want to sit with my friends."

Crack.  The sound of my widdle heart breaking.

Koo immediately said he would sit with me.  Thank you Koo.

A few minutes later, S.E. adds..."I love you Mom but I am still going to sit with my friends."

That's okay because for the first six years of their lives, I got to eat lunch with them, be with them to witness their progression from infant to independent, sweet, boys.  I can let them go have lunch by themselves. 

What do they want for lunch for the first day? Fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce.  They will have this in their lunches and as for me, I will cherish every hug, hang on every word, and sniff and love on them from the moment they get off the bus 'til the moment they have to get back on the next day.

But of course I will be dropping in at school to volunteer so I can still see them...

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