Thursday, September 6, 2012

One door closes, a different one opens

If you follow this blog, you know I've got plantar fasciitis and it's been a bugger to heal.  I am mad at myself for ignoring it so long (since at least March) but I was living in denial so I kept running until I couldn't even walk without pain.

I've been off hard-running for almost one month now and as I reflect on why I didn't stop when I knew this was the problem.  I think most runners can identify with this, I was in a groove. My miles were getting longer and I didn't want to stop because once you stop, it's twice as hard (at least) to train to get run.  I mean like two hour runs.

I've been doing my exercises I've learned in physical therapy.  I've not been running.  But I've actually been able to lose 2 lbs.!!!

How?  By cutting back and keeping track of the foods I eat.  And by turning to boot camp (in my home with friends dropping in to do them with me) and by workout DVDs. 

I recommend Bob Harper's kettlebell workout.  It's high intensity but low feet impact. Also, there's a series called "Slim in 6" and it's basically low-impact aerobics and weight training.  Oooh, and my most out-of-the-box workout is biking.  Who knew my hinny would actually get used to sitting on those seats?!  I love it.  I've had my bike for over 20 years and this has been the most miles I've ever put on it.

I have to say, after a month of not running, I'm okay with not running.  I've always said that I would stop running if my knees or legs start to develop problems.  I hope to get back to running at some point in my life, but I'm going to be okay. 

How about you?  What have you had to give up because of time, injury, or &%@# happens?  How did you overcome this?


Betina said...

I love spin class and yoga. I find that if I consitently alternate running - yoga during the week then I can run 5 miles at a time. More than that and my hip starts to really act up. I have needed to come to peace with the fact that I may never run long distances again, but I am grateful for the ability to do 5 miles (a good workout still where I can appreciate the great outdoors). cycling in the summer is amazing too. And hiking. Being active and enjoying life is more important to me than half marathons 3x a year. But it took me a while to get to this place.

Ramblin' On said...

I started biking...still shaky out in public other than the trail so I just try to work on my speed on the trail. I will try a few miles/week maybe upon your advice. Thank you. Hey, let's try to get together on a day you have. I could bring a couple of sewing machines over and we can work on doll clothes.