Monday, May 9, 2011


My parents came over on Saturday to check in on me. They are worried because of my recent skin problems and being a mom, the worry never ends. I was lucky to get to spend Mom's day with her. She is absolutely the best.

She told me she had to see for herself that I didn't need help and wanted to make sure I was getting along okay. We are her legacy. She shows by example. She stops everything to help whichever one of us kids need her. At one point, she was sad because this is the first Mom's day without her mom. She was embarrassed by it but I told her I would cry just like that if every Mother's day and more if I didn't have her on earth anymore.

She gave my lovely and I a gift of date night on Saturday too. We snucked away for two hours and watched "Thor". What an awesome movie. I loved it. Perfect casting and although the storylines are not original, it was told well. Can't wait to own it on DVD.

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