Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

My sweet S.E. turned seven on Friday the 13th. Lovely husband and I can't believe we have a seven year-old.

According to this newly turned seven year-old, he prepared his own breakfast this morning: cereal with milk. When I came out to ask what he would like for breakfast, he told me I don't have to get breakfast for him anymore. He's big now, ya know.

What to say about this kid? He is very sweet with younger kids. He has a lot of patience for his brother. He makes quirky, funny comments that tug at your heart. He is very,very clean. He never smells. His hands and face are clean. His clothes are even clean.

His eyes and chin are my favorite parts of his round, delicious face. He is really good at following paper directions and can build any toy.

He has been such a joy to raise and I can't believe God allowed me to be his mom.

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