Monday, May 2, 2011

As the few that have read this blog know, I was on Weight Watchers for the past two years. I love this program. I am at my goal weight so I don't have to pay to attend the meetings. However, if I want to use their online tools, I would have to shell out $11/month.

Trying to be frugal, I started just jotting it down on paper. However, I really like and got used to tracking online. I had heard about free tracking sites from other bloggers but when I would find them, there was always a hidden fee to maintain.

But, I found one that works well for me. I really like the ease and the large database. Maybe you would like to try it too.

Once you get to this site, you have to create a login and password but that's it. Based on the information and results you'd like, it will create a daily caloric intake for you. I love having this on my side each day to help stop the grazing.

What tools do you use that helps you maintain your weight?

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