Friday, October 2, 2009

No real monsters

We keep a bin with old Halloween costumes the boys love playing with-especially wearing the superhero costumes. Today one of the neighbor kids came over to play and the boys were dressed up in Power Ranger, Spider-Man, and Superman costumes. They are trying to defeat the bad guys.

Here's the conversation around the kitchen table while they were taking a snack break (canteloupe):

S.E.: "You know my dad said there's no real monsters."
Friend: "Yeah, I know."
Koo: "Yes there is!"
S.E.: "Maybe if there are monsters, my dad can make a kid spud gun and we can shoot potatoes at the monsters."
Friend: "Okay."

It's just too cute the things that come out of little boys' mouths. As I was raised in a family with four girls, I'm still trying to get used to raising boys.

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