Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sugar...oh honey, honey...

I've been trying to listen to my body better this past year to understand why I have such a weakness for sugary, baked goods. When I eat say a donut or cake-it never fills me up but it turns on some overeating valve in my brain and then I just want more of it or I eat everything else in sight.

This week, since this new challenge thing I'm doing, my trainer has asked us to turn in a food journal where he will scour through it during warm up. Next, he meets with us to help us find either better solutions or high-five us for our great choices. So, I have laid-off the sweets and I have found that I don't overeat or turn into the Tasmanian Devil in my kitchen. So, sweets you and I are not going to get cozy for the winter-I've got Rambo Trainer on my tail.

What would I do differently? I have been eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. I think I'm starting to sprout.

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