Friday, October 2, 2009


I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I signed up for a weight loss challenge at the gym. There are three teams, each with a trainer, and at the end of eight weeks, the team and individual with the most weight lost-gets $350 in prizes. I have been stuck at this weight for three months and want to lose the last 10 lbs. So I signed up.

Last night was our first official workout and so the measurements were taken by our beefcake trainer. Yikes!!! Crap-o-la. Do you know how much jiggly-wiggly skin I have hidden under my workout pants and large T-shirt? UUUUGGGHHH. Had to do it-no choice. One more set of numbers to worry about. GREAT. Coming from a science background-I relied on instruments like scales and rulers to quantify change. I hate it when it's used against me to measure my weight and my girth.

I have a pear-shape body and have always had trouble pulling jeans past my hips. Before having kids, my hips were the go-to area when I would gain weight. Needless to say, I want my hips to be smaller. Back to the measurements, I had a waist of 31 1/2 inches and my hip were 39 1/2 inches. Cringe. I made an unlady-like grunt and my trainer told me it wasn't bad. I looked at him and said "Yeah, if I was starring in a rap video". Horrible. Since I opened my big mouth, he made me do extra wide squats to help my hips. All around cruel. In an attempt to save my life, I will no longer complain about any of my jigglies.

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