Monday, October 26, 2009

Boys update

Boys swimming while on an overnight visit to a nearby big city (hotel pool).

From time to time I will blog about my boys because I want to remember what they were like at this age. I am just so impressed with them just being little boys and using their imagination to play by themselves without me directing all the time. They will draw pictures of themselves, draw on each other (not so fun), and make drawings for friends and family. Right now, Koo is in such a helpful period. He will be the first to volunteer to get milk from the downstairs refrigerator, get the silverware for the table, or just overall helpout. The only time he isn't helpful is when it's time to clean his room or the toyroom.

S.E. is going through a little "testing his independance" by wanting to do everything by himself. He even thinks he knows what is best for him. Huhhh...not always cute when he decides he doesn't like wearing jeans anymore. He has always been hard to gather in my arms for a cuddle because he does not like that much physical affection (my family laugh at this because they say it described me). Lately, he has been letting lovely husband and I cuddle with him a little more. I'm loving it. He likes to play with Transformers and still loves to climb trees.

Both the boys have been taking swimming lessons this year and they are coming a long wonderfully. Their teacher has suggested S.E. be put in a higher level class where he will begin to swim a distance without aid because he is ready. Koo is coming along nicely too. He used to pitch a fit whenever his ears would get submerged but now he is going underwater with ease. Our goal has always been to prepare our boys as much as possible for life-not for them to be an Olympiad so they just learn at their own pace.

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