Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank goodness for other bloggers

I have been scraping myself out of my self-loathing and self-defeating attitude mode by reading blogs of people who have managed to lose weight and keep it off. This I know to be true among the weight-loss bloggers:

1) It's always going to be a battle
2) Being thin (ner) did not equal happiness
3) Old feelings and behaviors do not disappear upon reaching that magical number on the scale or single digit jean size
4) Not being comfortable in owning a thin body as when they were big and uncomforable
5) Find your happiness in whatever size/weight you are at right now because it doesn't magicially appear at 120 lbs.
6) There are no confetti and room full of people cheering for you when you reach your goal. So celebrate what success you have accomplished.

I'm doing it. Forget chasing the scale. Forget that I'm one huge meal away from Fat Me again. Just focus on what I have been doing to lose the weight I have lost. I'm celebrating by not stuffing my face.

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