Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weight Watchers

So I joined Weight Watchers last night and for the first time have been in an organized group setting to lose weight. I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I am looking to lose 25 lbs. so I don't run the risk of diabetes and other health problems. My knees are hurting and it's because everytime I've been at the weight that I'm currently at, my knees creak and throb when I get up from a sitting position. My legs can't handle this much weight. Plus, I hate feeling my rolls of fat around my midsection...I'm grossed out by it, how can I expect my poor husband to be attracted to me. I can't use the baby fat excuse anymore especially since my baby is going to be three in a week and I think that has also hit home for me.

I decided to join because I need the accountability. My kind of dieting has been being really good for about six weeks or until my schedule changes and I slip up. Well then once I've slipped up, I lose momentum and can't find the inspiration to continue. That's where I'm hoping the weekly meeting will help me...refocus. I was really nervous to go last night because it was admitting to the public that I'm fat-like you can't tell when you look at me.

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