Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to Koo

It was Koo's birthday yesterday and he was thrilled to tell anyone within earshot he was one, two, three (holding up three fingers)!! He and I went to our local grocery store bakery and he got a Bismark donut (round chocolate frosting with custard in the middle) and milk. We talked about what being three might bring: using the potty all the time, wearing real boy underwear, and going to school. Such big things coming up for him.

I take this time to thank my Husband for encouraging me to stay home with our children from the start. As I sat there across from him, I kept thinking-"Has it really been three years?" and "This is my baby". He got a kick out of my retelling of when he was a baby-how he couldn't sit by himself, talk, or walk. He was quick to tell me he was NOT a baby and that he is a big boy now. End of babytalk. They grow up too fast. Thank goodness I was there for every cuddle time after waking up from a nap and to see him everyday of his life (except in August one night when Husband and I went on an anniversary getaway). I love this child and I can't believe I was lucky enough to be his mom. Thank you God.

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