Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm wearing real underwear Mom!!

Yikes!!! My three-year old baby Koo has decided this past week he is done with diapers except to go number two. He has not had an accident and I have not had to ask him if he has to go potty, he just runs in and goes...just like a big boy as he puts it. His big brother is his biggest hero. S.E. cheers him on and tells him he did a good job after each time he goes. He is wearing those handy dandy pull-ups and he prides himself in not making the stars go away on the front. For those not in the trenches of potty-training, pull-ups are transitional "diapers" - a cross between a diaper and real underwear. You can pull it up and down and do your business, but if you have an accident in them, there's no leakage. In the front are little designs as an indicator-if you have an accident, the designs disappear letting you know you've wet yourself. Cleaver.

I mean it when I say I don't have to stay on top of him. In all honesty, potty training was such a nightmare with S.E. that I didn't want to push Koo, especially since carpet cleaning in the dead of winter is right up there with dieting. Painful. Also, Koo doesn't seem to get grossed out when I change his number two, often reaching down to help me clean it...UGGHHH.

We'll see how it goes. We have been out and about town and Koo has not had an accident. My only worry is that he has to touch everything in the bathrooms: walls, toilet paper, door handles, etc., etc. Germs!!! I tell myself it'll be okay. Thorough scrubbing crazy lady.

I love learning about how different my boys are and potty training is another example. Now, I'm off to clean the bathroom AGAIN.

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