Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow blower to the rescue!!

Snow in the Inland Northwest can range from light snow for a few days out of the winter months to months and months of constant snow (like last year). This past month we have had a LOT of snow. Last weekend when my arms and back were burning while I shoveled for the second time in one day, I couldn't take it anymore. I'm a fast shoveler, but after an hour, I still had to get the sidewalks on both side of the driveway...uuugghhh!!! I give up!!!

It's only January...the thought of three more months of shoveling knee deep snow finally pushed us over the edge so last week I asked my husband to buy a snow blower. Since there was not a snow blower available at any of the stores, we ordered one from the internet. In the past, whenever the topic of buying a snow blower would come up my husband would often joke that it would be our luck that there would be no more snow and it would be another equipment that would take up space in his garage (like the generator).

I don't care, bring on the snow blower. Each time I shovel snow, I pray that my neighbor three doors down would come home from work and clear our sidewalks with his blower. So our blower will be here this afternoon. Yippy!! Take that snow! Bring it on...let it snow!!!

Well, it has been warm (45 degrees) the past 36 hours and now most of the snow has melted. Go figure! With our luck, we won't have another snow storm the rest of the year. Oh well, maybe I can use the blower to hang the boys bike helmets on. Huh...

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