Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Introducing the LOVES of my life...

Being new to the blog-o-sphere world, I have been tossing over how much information to give regarding my family. However, I can't talk about coffeemakers all day and not talk about the loves of my life: my lovely husband and our sons (S.E. and Koo). They are the a la mode on my pie, the pep in my step, the caramel center of a Milky Way candy bar, the reason I get up each day and try harder (you get the idea). I am totally over the moon about my husband and boys.

God knew exactly what I needed when he decided to bless my with my LOVES to teach me about patience, love, not living on a set schedule or plan, and gives me a dose of "God got me back" whenever I think I'm in control. Why did I put Patience first-because that's the character trait that I lack the most. In my world, everything can be done quicker. I will know that God will truly get me back if I get to be paired up with a slug in heaven. Can't I get to this blog page faster?!

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