Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow...I love it...I hate it...

I have the most ADD relationship with snow. I get excited at the first drop of snow and plan the day around snowman building, shoveling, and generally going outside to play with the children. I love it. But when we can't make a snowman out of the huge abundance of snow on your lawn because it's TOO COLD for the snow to stick, my love affair with snow takes a dive. The love disappears the moment I have to run errands and haul large packages to and from my car or drive anywhere in a timely manner...hate it...thank goodness I don't have to leave the house much when it is snowing. Really, I am just irritated that it is such an inconvenience. Thank goodness for God who always manage to make it so I have to slow down and practice patience. He gives me a lot of opportunities and snow is definitely one.

On an up note, I am thankful that we have a nice heating system at home and last year when there was so much snow for sooooooo long, my husband and I gave each other a combined gift of a generator-very romantic huh?. So, if the power ever goes out-we'll be okay. How sexy is that?! Who says romance dies when you get married?

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Betina said...

A generator? Hmmm. You guys are worse than those crazy Mormons with their basements full of food.