Friday, December 12, 2008

channeling June Cleaver?

For those of you who remembered watching "Leave it to Beaver" growing up, you remember the Beave's mom June Cleaver. She was a stay-at-home mom that always looked put together with the beautifully done coif and her never stained, perfectly pressed outfits, and clean house. And her disposition toward any crisis that the Beave would get into was like...butter. We all want this right? Wanting is one thing, trying to achieve this is nearly impossible in my household. What a nightmare to try to follow in. With that said, I think I share some similiar traits as Mrs. Cleaver. I stay at home with my two boys (check), keep a clean house (check), have nice hot meal ready for husband and kids (check), and try to do look put together. That's where the similarities end. Keeping up with June Cleaver makes me cranky, dirty, and spent by the end of the day. Can't do it...and frankly I don't want to.

However, this is a problem I keep coming across. This problem arises whenever I am invited to a friend's home. At some point in the evening, my kind and wonderful host will take me aside and confess that she was anxious about having me over because she was afraid I would not like her cooking or that think their housekeeping was not up to par with mine. Really?! No really?!! I am always shocked to hear this because I would hate to make anyone feel like they were inferior to me-at anything.

I LOVE, LOVE being invited to someone else's home to eat (one of my favorite things to do in life) and to share conversation. My favorite food is potluck-food prepared by anyone else other than me. I love going out to eat-my husband, not so much, but I love eating food not prepared by me.

Although, I often can be found cooking up a storm and invite friends over share it with us.
I come from a large family and my mom made everything in Costco-sized portions. If anyone dropped by our house during meal-times (or not), they were forced to sit down and eat with us whether they were hungry or not. There were a few regulars that would pop in during dinner to take advantage of this policy. I don't know how to stop this style of cooking. If you live within walking distance of my house, I have probably had my cooking because I will on occasion send food your way. Cooking is a stress reliever for me and a way for me to express what little creativity was given to me. If I am extremely stressed over something major, my husband can come home to a five-course meal...for lunch. My worst fear when hosting a party is not having enough food for everyone or food that everyone can eat. I show my affection for my friends and family by whipping up massive quantities of food and having you eat it all...

Now back to the issue at hand, besides the food, cleanliness of my house has caused some people to be hesitant about inviting me to their homes. I know for myself I think and function better if my house is not cluttered and cleaned. However, it does not stress me out or make me break into hives if I am somewhere else that is not perceived as clean as my house. I like to clean and cleaning house is a way to work out my thoughts. Since my house is my place of work, I like to create an environment that works best for me. A clean work environment balances out an area in my life that I am terrible about-organizing. Writing this word down causes discomfort in me.

I am not a very organized person. This is my house-keeping kryptonite. I am horrible about keeping any drawer, filing system, dresser organized. Some homes have a designated one messy drawer. In my home, EVERY drawer is messy. The stuff inside may be clean but still very messy. I am a shover of things into drawers so I don't have to look at clutter. IF you are staying overnight at my house, please be aware that you are taking your life in your own hands if you open a door that I can shove stuff inside. The fear of overnight visitors is what keep me on top of my messy drawer problem. I don't want anyone to get hurt visiting us. Imagine the nightmare I am living with having two little boys and the endless piles of toys scattered everywhere. HUGE NIGHTMARE for an anti-clutter person like yours truly.

So, invite me over if you want and don't do a thing different because I'm coming. June Cleaver is a fictional character but if you need proof, just ask for a pen and piece of paper at my house and take a look inside my messy drawers.

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