Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Goodness, I think I just hit the fabric jackpot. Someone left a box FULL of fabric for me at my doorstep. The boys and I had just returned from grocery shopping and there it was...I am so excited. There are some prints in there that are boys colors and some beautiful floral designs that I can use to practice making dresses for all the cute little girls we know. Getting this box of fabric to me is like how some women feel when they get a diamond ring. I love it. Thank you! Thank you!

Now having mentioned that I love fabric leads one to believe I'm at sewing. I'm not but I love making things with my hands and since I have an awesome sewing machine, I have been dabbling in quilts, clothes, upholstery pillows, and shopping bags. Growing up I was never interested in sewing other than to hem pants. My mom is an excellent sewer-I wish I can learn from her now that I'm ready to sew. I was an awful daughter and didn't want to do anything that was like my mom. Now I wish I can kidnap her and keep her at my house forever.

After many phone calls, I found out who left the fabric...your generosity will not go unrewarded my friend Mrs. B.

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