Saturday, September 10, 2011

Obsese. Yup. I plugged my numbers into a free calorie counter website and with my BMI...I am in the OBESE region. Yikes. Never have I ever saw that coming. I'm still fighting to stay in the 130's but I guess I need to fight harder.

Now with my skin doing 80% better and my itchiness has gone down quite a bit, I feel like I can tackle this area of my life again...and again. But this one word has sent me in more of a panic mode than when my size 8 jeans refuse to allow me to breathe when wearing them.

Obese. There you have it folks.

As dreadful as I feel when I hear this word associated with me, it doesn't tell the whole story of me and how I got this way.

I've been stress eating myself to this word pretty much all of 2011 when my body ached, shivered, tired out, broke out in oozing rashes that drove me literally unable to stay still because I would itch myself to the point of bleeding. Now, as I crawl out of this health hell-hole, I will fight another fight with the scale and this time, without all the beforementioned, I will keep on working my way to a healthy body.

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