Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Da bus is da bomb

Okay so I feel so spoiled. This year, our neighborhood got bus service for the kids to and from school. I rode the bus when I was young. I didn't get that this was a priveledge-not a right until S.E. started school last year and there was no bus service in our little vinyl village. The carpooling to and from school for 9 months was mind-numbing-I hated the bottle-neck at school and the dodging kids and bad weather was enough to make this already grumpy personality I have even more grumpy.

I am so thankful for this service because it has allowed me an extra 40 minutes to just do something for myself. Today, I scrumbed and primped my narly feet (TMI I am sure but that's what I did). I would never do this before. I would be ironing lovely husband's work clothes, mending things for people, or just running around doing errands for or with the kids.

So thank you bus drivers for taking on the job of taking my lovies to and from school and for offering your smile to my kids.

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