Friday, June 17, 2011


This is a crabby post. I really dislike plastic toys that break. It really makes two boys upset. Even when they are the ones that break them off. No amount of super glue, super, duper glue, Gorilla glue will reattach these pieces. Oh and don't get me started on pieces. If they don't break the pieces, they lose the pieces.

Here's the list of toys in the Ramblin' On household that drives this mama to send an evil eye letter to Mattel, Lego, Hasbro, and whatever toy manufacture. But I haven't because I am illiterate in Chinese.

1) Transformers. Really, if you want them to transform, make them transformable. And throw us a bone on how to transform it back from Robot to cars. I think Ford and Chevy's assembly lines are easy than assembling these toys.

2) Bionicles. Ouch when you step on the many, skelectal pieces that fall off. And they do fall off. When they fall off, a mom can't figure out where this piece attaches because all the parts look the same.

3) Legos. Small pieces. Take hours to build something + pick it up +falls apart = frustrated boys and mom. And they breed like Catholics. I swear we only had one box of them. Now we have four shoe size boxes. Headless bodies and tiny swords makes it difficult for me to just run my vacuum through their rooms without picking through the collected dirt before dumping it. Seriously ruins my "it only takes 30 minutes / day to clean my house".

I used to think it was harder having boys than girls because of these three toys but then I went to visit my nieces. Polly Pockets.

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