Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have lost confidence in my body and psychologically, I can't seem to run. Being ill for months has taken a toll on my body. I've gained 8 lbs and I can't bring it down. I hate my clothes feeling tight. Right now, I am on the upswing with this virus infection but my skin crazy itchy. And I have rashes over 90% of my body. That's just too much for me.

I am waiting for the results of my biopsy. I'm at this point where if this is an allergy/hives thing, I'm ready to take whatever shots I need to get this flare-ups down. If it's psoriasis, I'm ready to take whatever medication at the risk of toasting my liver because I am at my wits end. I. AM. DONE.

At this time, I am taking Allegra and Benadryl which is like taking gum to plug up a leak in the tub. It just takes the edge off for a few hours.

This skin condition has taken over my personality. I can't remember what I was like before this.

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