Sunday, July 3, 2011

Look who forgot she has a blog. Sorry to my followers. I have been busy trying to get to the bottom of this skin condition.

Here's what we know for sure after the biopsy. It is contact dermitis that looks like psoriasis. The good news is if I can locate what is causing my skin to flare up...I can avoid it like my 80's hairstyle and I should be good.

So, armed with this info and with the support of my wonderful homeopathic (spelling???), I am on an extremely limited diet. What you ask? Chicken and rice. That's it. Oh and coffee.

I'm about to gag when I think about my next meal but I'm healing. I've been doing this for about a week now and I'm healing faster.

The final message? Sometimes you never know what drastic measures you would take until you are faced with what you have been living with.

What in your life have caused you to take drastic, life-changing steps? I'd love to hear some inspiration about now.

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