Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hiking adventures

We have been going for mile long hikes behind our home this past week. There is a "forest" beyound the wheatfields which hooks up to another neighborhood and the elementary school. The boys loved walking there to play at the park. Yesterday, Koo was walking ahead and as we approached him, he was poking at some black, petrified, tubular mass. I frozed then screamed when I realized it was dog poo. "Get away from that son!!" After all the panic and fight to keep my dinner down, we asked why he touched it. He thought it was pine cones. UUUhhhhh...this maybe one downside to living amongst wheatfields and a newer neighborhood with not a lot of mature trees. My kid mistakes poo for pine cones. Needless to say, the boys showered and scrubbed down ASAP.

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