Thursday, December 24, 2009

Red Mary Janes

I love Mary Jane style of shoes. Even better if they are in red. LOVE. THEM. I am not a fancy dresser: not too much bling, scarfs, or fluff attached to my clothes. . I like khakis, jeans, white shirts (lots and lots of white shirts). However, I like to jazz it up with red shoes. Well, so even my red shoes are practical and uneventful. I'm not a tall person and I have visions of looking like Dolly Parton or Miss. Piggy if I try to add too much flair to my outfits. I'm really "dolled up" if I change my earrings. So Vogue won't be calling but at least I'm comfortable. Maybe I'll try to be more adventureous now that I'm not packing an extra 30 lbs...but only if it's comfortable.

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