Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on my boys

Koo striking a pose.

S.E. enjoying the snow.

My little boys must be on a growing spurt. They have been waking up hungry and eating most of whatever I serve for breakfast. Right now their favorite is oatmeal drizzled with maple syrup and bacon (they dip the bacon in the oatmeal). This new way of eating has been beneficial to them too because they have been eating more vegetables and whole grain. They don't get too much sugar in their diet and soda is a once a month treat so I'm not overly concerned.

As for a potty training update on little Koo, he has been doing his business by himself all the time and and only had one oops because when he goes #2, he gets on and off so fast he doesn't get all of it out. We are working on patience. He gets so excited to see his little "nuggets" (TMI huh?).

As for Lovely Husband, he's been having a sinus infection on and off for over two months and for a week or so there it went away but reared its ugly head again. It makes his head hurt and he gets sluggish and drained. Poor hubby.

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