Sunday, March 29, 2009

Run Baby Run!!

I did my first organized 5k run this past weekend. We live in a town with a large university and it sponsored the run called "Campus on the Run". It was a huge turnout but mentally it prepared me to run among a lot of people. Typically, I run with my running partner or by myself. In the only other time I ran in an organized event, I got claustrophobic around too many people-but this time I kept my mind clear and calm and JUST DID IT like Nike suggest. I don't know how long it took. My running partner and I ran almost 1 mile before the event, ran the 5K, and then ran back to where my car was parked. This way we got in extra pavement time. I felt relaxed and loose during the run. I really like to run. I think it's the only "sport" I have felt good doing.

The only concern I'm having with my running right now is my left foot. I wore high boots over the weekend and twisted it while walking on grass...not good. Since then, it's been hurting on and off after a run. I hope this doesn't sideline me. I think I will have to do elliptical instead of run to give it a break.
(Picture of me wearing a shirt my Oma gave me for Christmas for the run).

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Grateful Heart said...

You're looking great and you did fabulous yesterday.