Monday, February 9, 2009

My Love is gone

My lovely husband is gone on a business trip and I feel like the house is on vacation. The boys and I have tried to not be on a schedule (which you know I am big fan of) and have gone out to visit friends, driven to a town half an hour away to shop, and just eating whatever, whenever. However, I have been able to keep on the Weight Watchers program even as I was hungry coming home from our shopping trip. Old me would pull right into the nearest greasy drive-thru to order a heart-attack in a burger and inhaled it. So far I have not done it and was able to reach for an apple and be satisfied.

Doing well as far as the food goes but I am always afraid to weigh in on Wednesday night each week. But on a "good note" I signed up for another session of Better-off-dead workout at the gym this Saturday and for a 5K run on March 28th so I can get used to running with A LOT of others beside me and I'm sure passing me. I'm okay with this because it's about getting in the game, not standing on the sidelines wishing I was skinny.

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