Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been trying to eat better following the Weight Watchers program which is basically eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, whole-wheat grains, lean meats and dairy, etc...but the biggie is PORTION CONTROL. My goodness I didn't realize my portions before this program was basically for a 6ft. 5in. male. You say no way? I say just ask my husband and he'll verify that I ate more than him. Add to that, finishing what the children didn't finish. And there in lies the secret of gaining a lot of weight.

What I've been most impressed with this past month and a half that I've been "tracking" (WW lingo) is that I actually like whole wheat bread. This coming from I-bake-my-own-white-bread because that's all I like to eat. My recipe for whole wheat bread isn't much better than the one Costco provides (5 grams of fiber /slice) so I buy the Costco two loaves and FREEZE one (which is a food science no-no in respect to flavor and texture). I eat it and like and don't have a craving for white bread. Weird. I don't even miss it. Even more weird. The experts say that your tastebuds adapt to whatever you bombard it with so I guess my brain has stopped fighting the whole wheat battle. And it keeps me full and satified, which causes me to not overeat and stay within the 21 points / day and voila!!! I'm losing weight.

Progess report: 153.2 lbs (1/7/09)
144.0 lbs (2/4/09)

24 lbs. to go...

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