Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm HUNGRY!!@@#!!!

It's weird. I have lost 12 lbs. so far on the Weight Watchers program and have been quite satisfied. So it's a little frustrating when I have been really HUNGRY and have been stumbling as far as managing. For instance, if I was hungry, I would eat 1/2 cup cottage cheese and be very satisfied until dinner. However, this past week, I still want more. I am at my eating limit already and it's only 3pm. In the past, this is what happens when I've lost 10 lbs. so I shouldn't be surprised but since I've changed my eating habits-I thought I would be stumbling so much at this point. I need to refocus and realize it's not that I'm truly hungry. It does help to work out. Working out really takes the edge off. I have to remember that I'm still doing very well and this is not a quick process. It's uncomfortable when I have to deny my body's wants by not giving into it. Pray I don't stumble across a box of cookies or chips.

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