Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't mess with New Wave Music

Okay, I have had enough. I was listening to the radio while out and about with my little boys and I heard the most horrific song-it was a remake of "You spin me" by Dead or Alive. HIDEOUS. It was a hip-hop/dance version for tone deaf people. It sent me over the edge. I have been ticked by some of today's okay talent singers re-doing songs and killing them for awhile but have kept it to myself. What happened to the motto "if you can't do it better than the original or put a new twist to it-DON'T DO IT.

Examples of recent horrors: John Mayer (I hate his voice) remaking "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty. Horrible. Then you have ding-bat Jessica Simpson's lift of John Mellencamp's classic "Jack and Diane" in one of her annoying songs I don't even remember what it's called nor do I have enough space in my grey matter to want to remember it. Usually I can turn the station and not get upset by it, but today-I lost it. Don't mess with the New Wave songs man. Don't go there. It rocked the first time and you can still get your groove on to it-why mess with a good thing?!!!!

I'm not against all remakes. Growing up I enjoyed Tiffany's remake of "I think we're alone now" because she made it faster and upbeat compared to the original bake in the early 60's. It felt fresh because there was longer gap so most of us kids growing up in the 80's didn't know or remember the song existed. Bit of advice, if you are going to remake a song, give it at least two decades for people to forget. John Mayer added nothing good to "Free Fallin'".

Maybe I am too stuck in the 80's when it comes to music. I remember around 1989 when I was seventeen and I worked with a guy in his late 20's. His name is Tom B. He liked the 70's classic rock and back then, I thought it was old fogey music. I cringed when I would arrive at work after him because we lived by the motto "He who arrives first, controls the radio". When it was my day, I would listen to dance tunes and whatever bubble gum pop was on in the 80's. He used to ask me "how can you listen to that garage?". In my head I would think "I hope I don't get to be a stuck in the mud like Tom is about music." Well, God got me back because that's what I think about Hip-Hop and most of whatever is playing on the radio now. UUUGGHHH...I'm morphed into an old fogey. Sorry Tom whereever you are.

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