Friday, May 4, 2012

We have this pull-up bar attached to our bedroom closet door.  My husband does pull-ups, chin-ups, and whatever on it.

He's had it before me.

I tried it once when we were dating.  Could not budge.  I couldn't even pull it up an inch. Overweight and out-of-shape at 157 lbs. made it impossible.  Oh, 157 lbs isn't so bad?  It is when you're 4'11".

Never tried it again until about three months ago.  I had worked myself up to just dangling my chin above the bar for 25 sec.  I would do this a couple of times/day.

This morning I did my first pull-up (palms facing me of course).  Then I tried it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke.  And I did another one!!! Way to go Idaho!!

One day I'm going to do a crossfit class.  I watch Bob Harper's do crossfit and I want to do this too.

(Sorry if this sounds like I'm just have know idea how HUGE this is for me).