Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten days and counting

I have been crabby lately.  I've been doing some changing folks. If you follow my blog, you know I love my coffee. Light and sweet with powdered creamer and two Splendas.

Well, it's been ten days since I've had coffee. I found a tea (oolong) that I love and have substitute it in the morning. It's been really hard but the headaches weren't as bad as I had in the past when I've tried to stop drinking coffee.

Why did I do this?  Well, it's about all the artificial sweeteners I was ingesting.  I had bought a Costco box of Splenda (1500 count) and had used it all in eight months.  Holy crap!!

My daily routine used to be: three cups of coffee (6 Splendas), plain Greek yogurt (2 Splendas), and one Coke Zero (??? Splendas).

Yikes oh yikes.  Here's the thing about tea and me.  I don't like my tea sweet. So I have found a tea I like and put my coffeemaker away.  I don't miss it as much as I thought I would.  I am forty now, I can do anything I set my mind to.

Now, I add a tsp on Agave on my yogurt and I am down to two Coke Zero per week.  It's crazy when you give up sugar and artificial sweeteners how sweeter foods taste when you have it.

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