Thursday, May 17, 2012


I listen to Dr. Laura's podcast show when I'm at home during the day while I'm cooking and cleaning.

She keeps me entertained.  She asked a question today that got me thinking:
"Would you rather be right or be the most, cherished wife?"
Definitely I feel very cherished in my relationship with my husband. I don't mind that the toilet seat is left up, I don't care that he leaves his shoes everywhere. I don't care if he never takes out the garbage. I don't like to micromanage him.

What I appreciate about him is he does not micromanage me too.  He doesn't care if the house is clean. He doesn't care if his clothes are wrinkled. He doesn't care if we have ice cream for dinner.

There were callers who compete with their husbands. They don't like to do anything for their husbands because they feel like it is beneath them and if they give him an inch, they'd have to give a mile.  Apalled I am. 

I can honestly say we go about our day trying to make each other's lives better, happier and feel cherished.  I love being my husband's helper. He is my most favorite person in the whole, wide world and I forever grateful to have him in my life.  He works hard for our family and if I can make his life easier in anyway, I do it.

We pull together to raise our two boys and we often look at each other across the bed when the boys pile in and just feel like we are the two luckiest kids to ever.

Here's to cherishing your spouse. 

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