Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I'm back.  It's been busy around  here.  We returned from Disneyland and finally (three weeks later) feel like I've got a handle on my life again.

What's tripped us up at the Ramblin' On household is the lovely traveling for business, Koo's been sick and I've been sick.  In addition, everything is blooming and I've got KILLER allergies kickin' in.

Which is strange because we paid a chunk of money to get tested by an allergist/internist and the results of the prick test showed I WAS NOT ALLERGIC to any plants, trees, bees, grass, etc..etc...etc...

When I went to my homeopath yesterday she tested me for outside allergies and BINGO, I tested positive for pollen and trees.  This really explains why I continued to slide south last year at this time.  In this region, it'll be in the 60's one week and in the 30's the next making the trees/bushes go into crazy mode.  The result has been multiple bloom stop. bloom stop-causing serious allergy attacks.

I've been getting little new bumpies on my skin and I've been itching a lot this past two weeks.  I have even started taking Benadryl (3 times now).  I'm back on my restrictive low yeast, no sugar, no bread diet to kill off a particular yeast Candida which runs rapid in my body when my immune is down. 

I've noticed I've been quite short tempered with the kids too.  I'm working on not yelling at them.  I just get so easily riled up when my skin is flared up that I have little tolerance for their bickering and misbehaving.

Deep breath.  I'm going to take it easy.  Low expectations again.  Lower stress.  How about you?  Dod you have allergy problems when it's spring?

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