Friday, May 7, 2010

running update

I finally made the commitment to get a new watch. Why? My current watch that I hardly wear is a nice watch but it's heavy and does not have a stopwatch option. So, when I'm running with the old watch on, it rubs and slides all over my wrist-very bothersome. This new one is easy to operate. Love it. Last night, I ran my 3 mile route. When I first starting running this route and it was my long run-I would run it in 50 minutes. I now run it in 32 minutes (almost one mile of it is a killer hill). I'm so happy with how much faster I've gotten.
I am grateful to my husband the most because he has been so supportive of my new lifestyle. He cheers me on, looks after the kids so I can run, and understands when I have to invest money so trainers can make me walk like an old woman for days (I am so sore right now). There's been many angels helping me achieve this kind of progress-thank you.

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