Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a perfect Mother's day. It was just another regular Sunday but it was sunny!!! I was able to run for 9 miles while my lovely husband played with the kids. I hate getting presents for the sake of a day made up by someone to give some group a reason to feel special? I don't know. I feel pretty special already being a wife to an awesome husband and the mom of two delicious little boys.

I love how God works in my life. Sometimes I don't want to be a mom. I remember life before kids and sometimes I crave that especially when I'm cleaning up around a toilet or wipe up spilled food and milk. Then I remember how important my job is and that being a mom is not a right but a privilege.

There are women without kids and kids without moms in this world anymore. So what did I do to honor them and show my gratitude for God trusting me to take care of two wonderful boys and to share this journey of raising them with my husband, their dad. I was lucky enough to get to share my "day" with a special lady and her fiance (she's like a daughter to me) and one of my bestfriend P and her husband. I made dinner and got to enjoy my family and friends. Truly a wonderful day.

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