Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nickel allergy

I'm overwhelmed with all the information I am gathering regarding my nickel allergy. I've been decent in avoiding foods on the list my doctor had given me and staying away from chemicals I'm allergic to. However, during this last doctor's appointment, the doctor opened my eyes to the fact that while they are good at identifying the problem, they do not have a good solution other than treating the symptoms temporarily. He did stress the fact that most people with nickel allergy have an extremely difficult time in avoiding nickel.
So armed with time, panic, and high-speed internet, I have been searching nickel allergy. I have found foods on sites that are not on my list. Much to my horror, most of the foods I eat to help maintain my weightloss are on the list: beans, all canned fruits and vegetables, shellfish, all nuts, whole grains and the kicker BAKING POWDER. I bake all the time!!
So, while I choke down oatmeal each morning, I'm starting my day off with nickel. As, I eat a few almonds to stave off my hunger, I'm eating nickel. As I bake everything, I'm eating nickel. Like I said, I'm overwhelmed.
I'm trying to find the bright side. At least I found out what I can avoid to help my skin. I'm going to embark on this elimination diet and hope to high heavens I get some relief for my itchy, painful, hideous-looking sores all over skin.

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