Sunday, September 20, 2009

scratch your heart out...

Koo has developed a very bad habit of scratching his brother when he is frustrated. I have tried almost everything: time outs, take favorite blankie away, spank, talk, isolation. Nothing seems to work and today when he did it-I decided I wasn't going to be an example insanity on this issue (doing same thing over and over thinking I'll get a different result).

So, I very calmly got a towel and made Koo sit down and scratch his heart out. He had to KEEP SCRATCHING. Once he was tired of scratching, I made him put his tennis shoes on and run around the outside of our home. He crying and carrying on about how he didn't want to scratch anymore and that he couldn't run. Upset and tired, once he calmed down, I hugged him and talked to him about not scratching S.E. and how this is not how we deal with being mad or not getting his way. Then I outline how this will be even longer if he chooses to scratch his brother again. I hope this works for a spell. I have so much to learn and I am just getting older and lazier.

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