Monday, September 28, 2009


I just watched the scariest show ever put on TV on the A & E channel. The show is called "Hoarders" and it's gross and disturbing. This show follows people who have a problem getting rid of anything. Now all hoarders save the same thing but one thing is the same in each home of a hoarder-it's cluttered and dirty. It's always been a fear of mine that I might become a hoarder. My mom has a mild case of it because she doesn't like to get rid of anything. She will only really get rid of something if she gives it to someone. Usually when I come back from visiting her, I do a mini de-cluttering of my house in response to all the clutter in her home.

So today, armed with the memories of the show and my genetic predisposition to keep everything, I am going through each room, closet, underneath each bed and anywhere in my house where I have shoved unwanted stuff I don't want to deal with and either bagging it up to take to the local thrift store, make use of it, or just plain chuck it. This fall clean-up and de-cluttering event helps me less cranky about being stuck in my house when the snow comes.

It makes me feel better to get the clutter out of my house but this year what's has been hard is getting rid of the "toddler-type" toys they don't play with anymore but I haven't had the heart to part with. If I continue to store it in hopes of someone making use of it when they come to play-it just makes a big mess in the family room and just sits there. So, I am trying to be a big girl and get rid of it. I am just not that organized and won't remember that it's there.

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