Monday, June 1, 2009

mow, mow, mowing the lawn...

I've been mowing the lawn this year to help my lovely do other projects around the house. So I started mowing the lawn once a week. My love would fill the mower with gas and off I'd go. I don't like doing any yard work but I don't mind mowing because it's exercise. I'm not very good at it because I can't mowing in any cool designs or get all the grass along the edges or hills because I could barely hold on to the heavy, loud machine.

Well, my lovely has been setting the mower higher each week to keep the grass a little longer in order to protect from the hot sun the next few months. So, I've been mowed twice in one week. Hey, I didn't sign up for this. I think he's pulling my leg. I don't remember him mowing this frequently.

Another thing about mowing the lawn, the male neighbors come by and razz my lovely about how he got me to mow the lawn and how they can get their wives to do it. Now, I'm making enemies?! I don't know about this exercise aspect of it because it's only 2 activity pts. for WW.

Oh well, if it helps my lovely and I get exercise, I'll continue to mow.

And to the dog that keeps making my lawn his personal toilet, I am on to you-I know what your duty looks like and I will find you.

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