Sunday, June 14, 2009

Elephant Ears

Do those two words conjure up diet sabotage?! This is how much I love my lovely husband. We were talking last night with our friends about how much we love elephant ears at fairs. Don't we all?! I have never been able to enter a fair and pass up one. Well the circus is coming to town on Tuesday (literally) and I'm bringing my own traveling circus crew out to see if they got anything on mine. Well, somehow we couldn't get off the subject of elephant ears and how I could bring one home to my lovely when I mentioned that I can make them from scratch at home.

Stop the music. I don't think my lovely knew I could do this. His big blues started and he gave me the look. The please-make-it-PLEASE... look. Since it was his birthday I said of course.

To not railroad my quest for skinny me, I exercised my heart out at the gym this morning and when I got home, promptly made him elephant ears and maple frosting (from scratch too). They were delicious...oops, how would I know right? Well, I had to have one of course.
I sent most to our neighbors (sorry) though. I don't feel badly because I still had a lot of my flex points left unlike last week's apple pie nosedive. I really like the Weight Watchers program.

Now, that confessional is over...on with the program.

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