Monday, June 15, 2009


We are going to Disneyland. Like my children, I have never been there. My lovely husband has been many times growing up. His parents loved it so much it was in their yearly plan-and still is. So, this year having saved and saved to get rid of all our debts (we have been debt-free except the house for 7 months now). So,we paid for our trip and are leaving in eight days.

To relieve some of my anxiety associated with not being ready, I have packed the boys' and my luggage last night. I wanted to be ready but mostly I wanted to do a test run to make sure everything would fit. This is our first trip flying, where we have limited space for our stuff. I also didn't want our bags to be so heavy that it would be impossible to push it along with keeping track of our kids.

I am a little nervous for Disneyland and have concerns but I'm going to try to look at it through my kids' eyes and just enjoy.

I hope this trip is not going to be a remake of National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase...

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