Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Now that I am fully rested and not wiping bottoms anymore...

I've had time to reflect on what I would do differently now that I've had some distance babydom.

The only thing I would do differently would be to not be so hard on them to behave like a big kid.

I see moms shopping with little ones in the store and the frustration they spew when their little ones don't follow fast enough, want to touch or linger, or just babble with them about what's around them...I would STOP. And listen. Really look at them and listen.

These days, I run errands alone so when I hear the small voice of a little toddler being curious (what I used think was mischievous when I was raising my littles), I make sure to tell the parents to treasure this...and I compliment the parents who do take the time to treasure it with the kids.

I don't know if I make any sense other than I really miss having little ones running about my daily life.

I love and appreciate the stage my boys are at now...and I have to remind myself to let them live in the when they are outside still chasing each other with Nerf guns or still get excited to check out the toy isle. It won't be much longer when they won't want to. So, we linger and oooh and aaah the new Lego toys...

What I will tell you what I would do the exact same if I had to do it again...I WOULD STAY HOME AND LOVE ON MY KIDS. I never missed a hug, a kiss, or a fifieth step. I love, love being a mom.

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