Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It's been five years between two officially timed first in 2009 and two weeks ago. This time around, I didn't train.

I had very good intentions with my Hal Higdon's half-marathon training program, but there were summer fires, raising kids, skin problems, vacations to take and frankly I just haven't been motivated.

So in September when I noticed my longest distance had been 3 miles (yikes!) and I had already paid the fee, I quickly (okay slowly) ran seven miles. I was going to keep running long miles.

But I didn't. I stalled and life got in the way. Two weeks before the race, I had been running only two miles.

Oh well. I ran it. I told myself just finish. So I did. Finish. Only four minutes slower than five years ago.

Mind you, I am still slow in the runners' world but I did it.

I joked that I trained like a man (my friend Ron cold-turkey runs races without training) and I don't recommend this way. I did it but I was not satisfied.

I've been consistently running since. I find pleasure in completing a run. I find my day is more manageable. I find I like myself more after a run.

Cheesy. I know. How do you feel after a run?

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