Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I blame the tablet. Having a tablet with apps makes it really unfriendly to sitting and writing. In my opinion. I am old school and like the keyboard. I think my mind works better when all fingers are firing instead of just my thumbs.

That and the fact that life as been busy. What's new with me?

Well, still a SAHM but my kids are now in school for most of the day. I still have chores like laundry (puke), cleaning bathrooms, dishes, and repeat. 

My skin has been behaving while not fully cleared, I have not had severe outbreaks which keeps me awake most of the night itching.

I am still sewing. In fact, I started a sewing club (free to anyone) to come and learn to sew, continue working on stuff you do sew, or just get ideas from others. I am very proud that this club is going strong two years!!! I recommend if you have a talent to share with the public, the library is a great meeting place.

As far as weight and health, I am still under 140 lbs but have not ran further than 5 miles. I do a lot of boot camp at home. The lovely husband and I are still coaching our boys in soccer. So much fun to see the growth each season. These three are still the loves of my life.

Lastly, I have been dabbling in a little catering. Making not really just enough to make it fun. Can I feed a family on this...HELL No...

Now, I am off to clean up dishes after dinner.  Hope all is well in blogland.

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